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 Monster Hunter Freedom Unite!

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Do your want o try this game after reading this?
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All ready tried it! ^^
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Aka Kim

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PostSubject: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite!   Mon Apr 27, 2009 11:26 pm

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
Also Know as Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G


There isn't much of a storyline in this game, but it's about you as a hunter trying to make a living by hunting down monsters while protecting your village.

Game genre:
Monster Hunter Freedom is the best-selling action/adventure game for the PSP. It features some of the best audio, graphics, and gameplay of any PSP game to date.

Game Features

The game features an online-Multiplayer game where you can go with friends and hunt down massive dragons and monsters, but this feature is limited to japan only, which means European gamers cannot go online with monster hunter, though it is possible, if you buy a neat little thing called Wifi-Max but it cost is about 200$ which is more then the game it self costs,
But not all hope is gone, Monster hunter has also included a Ad-Hoc Mode, where you can play with people near you, your psp's makes a local network where you can go quest together, that way you can play as your would online
but this requires that your have friends with the same game versions as yours, so unless you don't have friends with a psp and same version of Monster hunter as you, it's highly recommended to buy a Wifi-max

it also has a single-player mode, where u can take quests from an village elder, to do various kind of stuff, like going out and gather stuff, or slay a specific dragon, which is where the little storyline comes in.

The games features many different kinds of weapons to use:

Weapon type - Speed - info

* Great Swords - Slow, but wields great attack power
* Dual Blades - Fastes, But not much power
* Long Swords - Fast, Wields much power
* Sword & Shield - Fast, Low on power but can block W/o penalty
* Hammer - Medium, Wields Massive power
* Lance - Medium, Wields Avarage power, and can block W/o penalty
* Bowgun - Fast, low power, Can stand from afar, Cannot block,
* Heavy Bowgun - Slow, much power, Can stand from afar, No block,

The game relies heavily on customization. There are more than 40 monsters (including color variations), and each one has at least two different armor sets (many of them as much as 4-7). In addition, the seven different weapon types each have several weapon lines which can go on for quite a few upgrades and changes. All of this means there's about 2,000 different weapons and armor sets in the game.

As for the graphics it's easily one of the most beautiful games for the psp, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite's graphics will blow you away once you start playing. Everything is beautifully rendered, and the different zones feel like actual places instead of the same old mountain, same old forest, same old..... well you get the point.

There are also some Sequels to this game, but it has nothing storyline continuations what so ever, so if your gonna play the game, you might as well just start playing the lastest Wink

My rating of the game:

Gameplay - 9/10
Graphics - 9/10
Audio - 9/10
Controls - 8/10
Replayibility - 10/10
Overall - 10/10

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Silent Boss
Silent Boss

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PostSubject: Re: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite!   Fri May 01, 2009 12:18 am

you forgot bow-.- nabshit


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Monster Hunter Freedom Unite!
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