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 First Dream I was able to remember in Months..

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Black Operationz
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PostSubject: First Dream I was able to remember in Months..   Thu Jul 30, 2009 2:20 pm

Well there was something goin on..
Like.. Down the Street from my house
there were a lot of people..
and there was also Heaps of traffic..
anyway... I wanted to cross th road.. .
but there were shit loads of cars..
so I started looking for a Gap..
I turn around..
and there was this little kid..
about the age of 5 - 8
Pushing the Pram...
The kid got halfway across the road before one of the cars that was turning right..
swerved.. and hit the Pram..
the kid Fell to the ground. .
then got back up with a Sceard.. look in hur eye..
grabbed the Teddy bear.. that was in the pram.
and walked further across the road to get to my side..
before being hit by a Truck
that kid was soo sceard..
That.. for some reason..
the dream wanted me to see it again;.
Just before the Kid was hit by the truck..
I ran out..
Grabbed the kid..
and threw hur.. back to my side..
to aviod the truck.. before.. I was killed and woke up
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First Dream I was able to remember in Months..
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