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 MADs Three Chongqing Supertall Designs

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PostSubject: MADs Three Chongqing Supertall Designs   Wed Dec 08, 2010 12:05 pm

MADs Three Chongqing Supertall Designs

Yet more proposals have been put forward for a new supertall to help make Chongqing the densest central business district in the world.

This time the plans come from the not at all insane architects at MAD who notably designed the Sino Steel Tower which looked like a speaker stack. This time they have come up with three designs for a 400+ metre tall tower which will be located close to the city's financial district.

The designs are widely varying in appearance. The first proposal sees a funky looking tower rising in a haphazard manner with the floor plates, which vary in size stacked almost like someone's forgotten washing up.

In reality this is another twisting tower but MAD has added a sense of chaos to it breaking up what other architects would have designed in a more uniform shape.

Through out the tower there are various green spaces that are not meant to represent mould on the washing up pile, but provide relaxing oases from the daily hustle and bustle for users and visitors at the tower.

The second tower goes for a more sedate and restrained look, almost triangular in shape the tower rises from a podium base up to an almost flat peak featuring a few glazed, curving accents similar to the Aqua Tower in Chicago. The heavily balconied facades are fully glazed and have an undulating shaping to them, giving the tower a sense of animation.

The third design looks a bit like a large rounded amorphous organic growth that has erupted out of the ground. A podium base is set to one side of the main structure which rises from the ground in a bulbous, bottle like shape, about midway it tapers inwards into an thinner oval shaped shaft.

The outer facade is fully glazed in silver toned glass translucent glass giving it a smooth look with the zoomorphic shape helping to diffuse the light as it passes through the glass to only partially reveal what's behind.

Despite a design not as yet being chosen groundwork has apparently begun on the site and a tentative 2012 completion date has been penned in for the proposed tower.

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MADs Three Chongqing Supertall Designs
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